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Both the Arco and the Capriccio basses are suitable for a school environment.

The Arco Bass is fully laminated (plywood) whereas the Capriccio has a solid spruce top. Bothe basses have an ebony finger board.

Plywood is considered a tougher material, compared to solid timber. The top plate responds more than the other parts to the vibaration that is transferred onto the instrument via the bridge. Therefore, the Capriccio makes the bass more responsive, but the Arco produces a fine sound as well. There are different qualities amongst plywood as well, and the Arco is made of a higher quality plywood than some other brands.

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Arco Double Bass all sizes (MAP $1495)

  • 1-2: $1,121.00
  • 3-4: $1,046.00
  • 5-10: $971.00

Capriccio Double Bass all Sizes (MAP $2495)

  • 1-2: $1,747.00
  • 3-4: $1,620.00
  • 5-10: $1,497.00