Designed in Italy String Instruments

Bows are more important than many entry-level students and their parents may believe. For this reason, Designed in Italy offers better student bows than what is often encountered when referring to 'entry level' bows.

The maion feature of a good student bow is that it is strong enough. Flimsy bows don't help much.The bows on thios site are fully mounted and octagonal. They carry a 6 month warranty.

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Good Student Bow for Cello (MAP $77)

  • 1-4: $53.90
  • 5-9: $49.95
  • 10-30: $46.20

Good Student Bow for Violin (MAP $57)

  • 1-4: $39.90
  • 5-9: $37.00
  • 10-30: $34.20