Capriccio Cello (MAP $1370)




The above video was recorded in 2007, in the early stages of YouTube. Dietrich went a bit over the top when claiming that it sounds like a $10,000 cello, but it does have a lovely and rich sound indeed! The current sale price shows a slight increase to $1370. The bulk discounts are substantial but not as big as in the Capriccio violins.

Available sizes: 1/2, 3/4, 4/4

In the box 'Required Sizes' please insert the sizes as follows (examples):

2x1/2, 3x3/4, 5x4/4 (etc).

AFTER clicking 'Add to Cart,' please adjust the quantity to match the total number of ordered Capriccio cellos.

  • 1-2: $1,027.00
  • 3-9: $959.00
  • 10-20: $895.00