Phoenix Performer Electric 4 String Viola (MAP $495)


The Phoenix Performer viola is a great electric viola at a budget price. It comes with an inbuilt preamp that also allows the musician to connect headphones for 'silent' practising. Connected to an amplifier the Phoenix Performer viola impresses with a rich sound that is not too far away from an acoustic viola sound.

This viola is available as a 4 string and 5 string model. The 5 string model includes an E string. You can find the details here.

You are currently on the page for the 4 string viola. The 4 string viola It comes in two colours.

Brown & Black

In the box 'Required Colours' please insert the colours as follows (example):

2xWhite, 3xBrown

AFTER clicking 'Add to Cart,' please adjust the quantity to match the total number of ordered Electric 4 String Violas.

  • 1-2: $346.50
  • 3-4: $321.75
  • 5-10: $297.00