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The featured range of violas is suitable for a school environment.

The Arco and Capriccio are made in the same workshop, exclusively offered through us in Australia. Both instruments are hand-carved and come with ebony finger board. The bridges and sound posts for both instruments are equally well cut and adjusted in our onsite workshop, and the bows are the same good quality for both the Arco and Capriccio.

The varnish of Capriccio is brushed on to the instrument whereas in case of the Arco the varnish is sprayed on. The Capriccio shows some modest maple figuration ("flames") which is more expensive for the makers. The Capriccio comes with upgraded strings and the workmanship is more refined.

Having said this, the Arco viola produces a lovely sound, and for the budget-conscious customer it is a very satisfactory solution.

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Arco Viola up to 14" (MAP $330)

  • 1-4: $247.50
  • 5-9: $231.00
  • 10-30: $214.50

Arco Viola - 15", 15.5" and 16" (Minimum Advertised Price MAP $370)

  • 1-4: $295.00
  • 5-9: $277.00
  • 10-30: $259.00