Capriccio Double Bass all Sizes (MAP $2495)


Arco Double Bass

The Capriccio Bass looks like the Arco from the outside. It is hand-made, and the top plate is hand-carved from solid timbers. Basck and sides are laminated. It comes with an ebony finger board. Included are a good bow, Nyman rosin and a padded bag.

Available double bass sizes: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4.

In the box 'Required Sizes' please insert the sizes as follows (examples):

2x1/4, 3x1/2, 5x3/4 (etc).

AFTER clicking 'Add to cart,' please adjust the quantity to match the total number of ordered Arco basses.

  • 1-2: $1,747.00
  • 3-4: $1,620.00
  • 5-10: $1,497.00